Private One-on-One Workshops

“Great hands-on training. Overall a very useful for learning ultrasound technology and it’s practical utilization for IV access & blocks”

“Great Experience”

“Increased my confidence and safety in using US guided nerve blocks. Well thought course, specific to my needs”

“Excellent teaching”

 Group Workshops

“Excellent Review”

“Excellent Instruction”

“Provides excellent insights into use of different techniques. Well done”

“Faculty very in tune to clinical practice in the community. Suggest assigning participants to a specific group when rotating to each station”

“Very well done. Using a microphone for the didactic part would be helpful. You did a great job!!”

“Consider allowing for additional time on the final station to revisit”

“Very helpful for daily activities, helps to enhance skills”

“Very comprehensive, lot of individual attention, I would love to take the course again”

“Comprehensive, very good interaction, questions welcomed”

“Good educational content. Well done!!”

“Small group with excellent hands-on”

“Good hands-on experience, very easy to get questions answered”

“Great presentation and incredibly well-trained faculty”

“Very practical course for our group practice. Will be coming back for another refresher”